Not coincidence, but providence

“Cece, you’re so blessed. Me and Br. T being here right now isn’t coincidence, it’s PROVIDENCE.” -Fr. Anthony

It’s been a crazy past few weeks. Being able to pray and talk through some big life decisions with people who have been rock solid pillars in my journey has been so beautiful and so needed. I’m being reminded day in and day out that my heart has been formed the way it has for a specific purpose in God’s plan, and that I should live every day in pursuit of that. Fr. Anthony has been a constant over the past few years back stateside, and Bro T and I spent some years serving together in Honduras.

In the last few months I’ve felt more and more moved to share stories from that time of my life that has up until now remained somewhat mysterious and hidden. Though living and recounting those times can cause some pain and heartache, I’m learning more and more everyday what it means to HONOR the poor that I loved and served while in Honduras through living a life that bears witness to all they have taught me – simplicity, joy, and faith in the goodness of God despite hardship and adversity.

I’m thankful for these two friars in a special way today. For reminding me of who I am, of the people that formed our hearts while on mission, of the simplicity of the life we once lived, and of the mission that is still before us. I am SO BLESSED to have people to remind me of what’s real.

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